Moveable Feasts Culinary Agenda | 17.9.2018

Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which food writer Lola Rubinstein gives us the low-down on what food fairs, pop-ups, closed door restaurants, and other culinary events we should check out in the coming week.

MON 17/9

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American Meat Smoking Course

Meat-smoking experts Craig Jull y Ricardo Montes, won’t be holding back any secrets in this class.  They’ll teach you how to select and prep the meat, and then how to smoke it with American-style recipes (pork and cow ribs, pulled pork, brisket, burnt ends and american style chicken), using rubs and other techniques. Afterwards, there’ll be a smoked meat tasting (all you can eat!). The price is ARS $1500 (for 1) or ARS $2400 (for 2), by bank transfer or deposit. Write them a private message to reserve.

10 – 19 hrs. | Lekker Smokehouse | Honduras 4416 | Palermo

MASA Invades Banquito Rojo

Kevin Vaughn fills his weekly post at Banquito Rojo, where he serves his delicious, Mexican-inspired tacos, enchiladas, and soups. This week’s menu consists of 5 wrestler-inspired dishes: La Furia (sausage, cheese, divorced egg, frijol sauce and red onion taco), King Choi (pork sandwich with gochujang sauce, kimchi, green mayonnaise and goat cheese), Loco Max (ossobuco meat, achiote cheese, fresh cheese, chives and yellow cream quesadilla) Los Cobardes (zucchini, fennel, jalapeño and red sauce covered cabbage fried tacos with pumpkin seeds cream, coriander and pico de gallo), and Los Gemelos Pantera (two fried eggs with chili red sauce, red onion, sweet chili, cheese and green peas).There will be  vegan or/and TACC-free options available. Enjoy!

19 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo

TUE 18/9

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Armenian Cooking Class

This class centers around traditional Armenian doughs, including two different flavors of lehmeyun and gatá (a pastry typical from Yerevan). For more information (prices and registration) email or call  (+54) 15 4773 2820.

19 – 22 hrs. | UGAB | Armenia 1322 | Palermo Viejo

WED 19/9

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Puerto Madero California Wine Tasting

Familiarize yourself with the west coast wines of the United States with a spoken tour of  the region, covering subregions, history and the most important wines. To start, a chardonnay from Napa Valley, then three Pinot Noirs, a Russian River Valley and \Santa María Valley from Oregon, then a Zinfandell from Napa Valley and finally a Cabernet Sauvignon of Napa. Each glass will represent a unique quality that characterize each area or variety. Cost is ARS $980. Reservations to or directly at the winery.

18:30 hrs. | Winery Puerto Madero | Juana Manso Av. 835 | Puerto Madero

THUR 20/9

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Indian Flavors + Curry Class

Nacho Borgogno will delight our senses with his spices and culinary knowledge. Beginning with a citrus-infused gin tonic with juniper berries and cardamom (aperitif), followed by an introduction to the handling of spices and basic fundamentals of mixing and making masalas, and then the guided preparation of Lamb Korma Kebabs with yoghurt and roasted garlic, Coconut rice with spices, Biryani chicken and Naan garlic bread, the event concluded with a dinner after, accompanied with wines. ARS $1200 per person. Reservations to

19 – 22:30 hrs. | Seiyo | Alvarez Thomas Av. 48 | Chacarita


FRI 21/9

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Rice Sourdough Class

Alex Von Foerster teaches exquisite gluten-free recipes that cover all the benefits of rice fermentation. The class is demonstrative and divided in two days. The first one consists of an introduction to the rice sourdough, how to start it and maintain it over time, as well as recipes for almond and mandarin mini-muffins arepas with tomatoes, basil and olives; and fermented pancakes with cashew and fresh mushroom cream. On day 2  you will learn various recipes that delve deeper into the use of gluten-free sourdough, such as sweet rice, lemon and nut cookies; quinoa, raisins and nut muffins; millet and sesame salted crackers, and a fermented rice, cassava and chia bread. Cost is ARS $1600 (for both classes) and payment is by cash, transfer or bank deposit, credit or debit card, rapipago, easy payment. Reservations to

21/9 19 – 21 hrs. & 22/9 10:30 – 12:30 hrs. | Crudo | Address by Reservation | Chacarita

Vegan Dinner & Live Music

This warm and intimate event is the perfect thing to welcome spring.The gourmet vegan gastronomy project Ágape is hosting a gourmet deli dinner, accompanied by the music of Juan Cordone. The fixed menu (ARS $450) includes: a surprise appetizer; vegan semi raw tapas; pine mushroom hamburgers with smoked cashew and caramelized onions accompanied by rosemary potatoes and roasted beet dip, and a seeds-based red fruits ice cream, and an iced tea or water to drink. The organic wines Los Medanos will be available to purchase. To reserve your table you have to pay 50% in advance via bank transfer or deposit (write to and request the account information).

21 hrs. | Ágape | Address by reservation | Nuñez


SAT 22/9

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Federal Asado Championship

This is the third Federal Asado Championship, an event that honors everyone’s favorite Argentine culinary ritual. Each province will be participating,represented by two asadores and a jury comprised of a technical team (with representatives of prominent grills) and an institutional one (with gastronomic organizations, critics and officials). The 24 teams will roast a variety of meat cuts, working with their own tools and choosing between charcoal, quebracho wood or both to cook. They will have bread and condiments at their disposal.

10 – 18 hrs. | Lisandro de la Torre btw. De los Corrales Av. and Directorio Av. | Mataderos


SUN 23/9

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Friulian Cinema and Traditional Lunch

The Sociedad Friulana Buenos Aires has organized this lunch and screening of the film”Nûfcent – videosclesis dal Friûl,” by Dorino Minigutti. Nûfcent is a suggestive social analysis of Friulian culture, using images of the official historical archives as well as home movies, popular music, and personal stories to create a nostalgic and poetic film-watching experience. At the end, a lunch of homemade dishes will be served: frico and polente cun muset e crauti, and of course, tiramisú. ARS $450 (includes glass, wine or soda). Reservations here.

12 – 16:30 hrs. |  Sociedad Friulana Buenos Aires | Navarro 3974 | Villa Devoto