Change is in the air, folks. Today marks a big day in Argentina’s history, and the world is watching. Whichever side of the debate you’re on (and we think it’s pretty clear which side we land on), one thing that is absolutely undeniable is the power of music as a force of progress, protest, and change. That’s why we’re bringing you a heaping serving of live music goodness. Let’s get right to it.

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Miloo Moya y la Orquesta de Beatbox + Guest

You can always count on trusty ol’ Centro Cultural Recoleta to deliver something new and interesting in the way of free live shows; this week, satiate your beatbox cravings with a show by Miloo Moya y la Orquesta de Beatbox, featuring guests such as Jazmin Esquivel, Pato Smink and more!

8 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junín 1930


Para Los Dragones: Fuzz X, Láctea, Calma Isabel and Penny Peligro

Panda Rojo is taken over by the sound of fuzzy guitars and punchy songwriting, as the appropriately-titled punk rockers Fuzz X, masters of anthemic singalongs Calma Isabel, reigning queen of singer-songwriter wistfulness Penny Peligro, and gloriously loud power-poppers Láctea come together for a new installment of the Para Los Dragones concert series.

10 PM | AR $80 | Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural | Sarmiento 3096

DeHoyNoPasa: Monotono / La Farolera / Silvva / Crewrod

Or make your way to Makena Cantina Club for an eclectic night of music, featuring the sounds of Buenos Aires-based international indie-rock band Monotóno, who will be playing songs from their upcoming EP; folk-based, funk-influenced band LA FAROLERA; power-poppers Silvva; and jazzy, poppy, funky musical outfit CrewRod.

9 PM | Makena Cantina Club | Fitz Roy 1519

Trostrigo, Doleser and UVA Mondays in Palermo

Upbeat folksters TROSTRIGO celebrate ten years of live music with a show at Lucille, featuring fellow folk-based pop-rock duo Doleser as well as brit-poppers Uva Mondays.

9 PM | AR $150 | Lucille | Gorriti 5520

IndieFuertes: Unión Soviética, Mujercitas Terror and Lutos

A new edition of the always-reliable IndieFuertes series brings us the killer line-up of post-punk group Unión Soviética, spooky-yet-shimmery summer-punk of Mujercitas Terror, and the gloriously abrasive sounds of Lutos.

9 PM | AR $150 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Andrea Alvarez + Riel at ClubV

Our favorite local guitar-and-drums duo Riel will be joining the powerful singer-songwriter Andrea Alvarez for a show at Club V.

10 PM | Club V | Av. Corrientes 5008


Gastón Massenzio & Otro Conjunto Más de Música

Showcasing his newest album Niebla, Gastón Massenzio will be performing his particular brand of mysterious, multi-layered folk-adjacent music, with support from jazzy rock group Otro Conjunto Más de Música.

10 PM | Imaginario Cultural Bar | Bulnes 905


Unidad 01 y La Noche Que Estuve A Punto De Morir at FADU

There was a period in my life where I’d trudge up to the corner of Callao and Rodriguez Peña at 5 AM every day to catch the 37 bus to FADU, where I’d spend the next 8 hours nodding out. It’s a total trip that now I get to do that closer to 9 PM to see two kickass bands, Unidad 01 and La Noche Que Estuve A Punto De Morir, do their thing.

9 PM | FADU – UBA | Intendente Güiraldes 2160. Pabellón III Ciudad Universitaria

Ciclo Maldito: Paul Está Muerto, Jota Jodson, Los Totales

“Ciclo Maldito” is a curiously-named series, but it features the absolutely killer lineup of rockn’rollers Los Totales, shoegazey indie rockers Jota Jodson, and the spacy, otherworldly sounds of Paul Está Muerto.

9:30 PM | FREE | El Andamio Espacio Cultural | Hipólito Yrigoyen 58

Yahuaritica Festival

Get your groove on with this beat-heavy, funktastic lineup of upbeat, danceable talent including NDE RAMIREZTropical Mecanica, and Danza Perfume.

Midnight | El Emergente Bar | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030


Ciclo Fantasía Peligro #3

The final installment of the Fantasía Peligro series features the melancholy-tinged reverb guitar of Medalla Milagrosa, indie rockers Koyi, and purveyors of tuneful feedback Verde y los Caballos a Marte.

11 PM | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Agüero 787

Nicolás Mateo presents La Experiencia Sensible

Nicolás Mateo’s latest album, La Experiencia Sensible, is among the contenders for “best album cover of the year”. It’s also a collection of textured, deceptively clever folk-rock songs. He’ll be showcasing them, and more, at Xirgu.

11 PM | AR $150 | Xirgu Espacio Untref | Chacabuco 875

Ciclo Demonico VOL IV: Terrores Nocturnos – Dynammo – Juvenilia

Or come to Plasma to check out the 90s-influenced sound of upbeat garage-rockers Terrores Nocturnos, post-punk (or, I guess, at this point, post-post-punk) band Dynammo, and the fist-pumping power-pop of Juvenilia.

10 PM | Club Plasma | Piedras 1856

Arquitemisa, Halo Trío, Los Gladiadores del Fla at CC Sandino

One of the more intriguing events in this week’s agenda. Come check out the otherworldly guitar acrobatics of Arquitemisa, the wonderful indie-punk/jazz hybrid Halo Trio, and the kinetic math-rock of Los gladiadores del fla.

10 PM | AR $100Centro Cultural “Augusto C. Sandino” | Scalabrini Ortiz 277

Th1s c0nN3ct – Secret Location

Talk about intriguing — we can’t even tell you where this event is happening! Regardless, come check out the latest installment of This Connect, featuring electronic artists such as Emir B, Heal Youth, N1a – aka Viole GonzalezThisspersoM0710n + ObR4G, and possibly more intimidating combinations of letters and numbers, for a delightfully disquieting experience.

Midnight | AR $150 | Secret location in Micro-centro | PM for Address