With the goal of skipping as many hits as possible, we put together a playlist with the best Argentine rock from the 80s. From Los Abuelos de la Nada to Soda Stereo, let us take you on a walk through the true standouts from the decade of the weird new hairdos.

  1. Soda Stereo – ‘En Camino’

The galloping rhythm section and Cerati’s passionate vocal delivery is a neatly packaged summary of everything we love about their 80s new wave-y masterpiece “Signos.”

  1. Virus – ‘Tomo Lo Que Encuentro’

Federico Moura’s seductive voice and the sleazy synth sounds make this one a decadent pleasure we can’t afford to skip.

  1. Andrés Calamaro – ‘Fabio Zerpa Tiene Razón’

A silly but extremely enjoyable synthpop song by early Calamaro featuring a cameo by famous ufologist Fabio Zerpa

  1. Charly García – ‘Promesas Sobre El Bidet’

Hilarious song name aside, this is an absolute classic from one of Charly’s finest albums.

  1. Los Encargados – ‘Orbitando’

A cosmic love song for the space age. Need we say more?

  1. Fito Páez – ‘Track Track’

Over fractured beats and icy synth sounds, Fito sings his heart out about a very real and tragic episode in his life.

  1. Patricio Rey y Los Redonditos de Ricota – ‘Motor Psico’:

A classic Argentine rock guitar melody, and probably the only Redondos song to feature handclaps

  1. Spinetta Jade – ‘Camafeo’:

Off-kilter synth sounds that perfectly mirror Spinetta’s oblique lyrics

  1. Sumo – ‘Mula Plateada’:

With most of their songs falling somewhere between reggae and post punk, Sumo has never sounded  fresher than in this Native American-inspired tune

  1. Los Abuelos De La Nada – ‘Menage A Trois’:

The late Miguel Abuelo and his tale of a man emotionally confused by his participation in a threesome.