MON 30/7

MASA Invades Banquito Rojo

Chef (And La La Lista Food Writer) Kevin Vaughn fulfills his weekly post at Banquito Rojo, where he serves his delicious, Mexican-inspired tacos, enchiladas, and soups. He’ll be cooking the Chico Che Sandwich (nachos-batter veal-meat milanesa, sour cream, barbeque sauce, lettuce, beans, cream, red onion and cheese), a pork carnitas taco with salsa verde, and a bacon tostada, and some other delicacies to warm up the end of the month.

19 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo


TUE 31/7

American Meat Smoking Course

In this class American Smoking experts will not keep any secret and teach you how to select, clean and prepare the meat, how to use the smoker and select the firewood, some American-style recipes, rubs, techniques and cooking time, temperature and more. After, there’ll be a smoked tasting (eat as much as you want and can!). The price is ARS $1200 (1 person) or ARS $2000 (2 people), by bank transfer or deposit. Write them by private message or to to reserve.

10 – 19 hrs. | Lekker Smokehouse | Honduras 4416 | Palermo

WED 1/8

Salta Wines Tasting

Sommelier en Bicicleta invites to participate in this Workshop called “Salta Ground: Cachi and Cafayate,” where participants will compare the different characteristics of the soils, with exclusively selected wines, accompanied by a cheese board. The entrance is ARS $200, (ARS $100 will be refunded with wine purchase).

20 – 21:30 hrs. | Sommelier en Bicicleta Espacio y Vinos | Soler 5046 | Palermo

THU 2/8


Finally a holiday to honor the Goddess of Hops and bask in the bitterness of a pint or two of your favorite IPA. Get yourself down to your local cerveceria to celebrate our personal favorite of all beer holidays. Juguetes Perdidos and Bélgica Cabillito are hosting a collaborative Kill Your IPA Day event, promising taps on taps of IPA goodness. (Tickets at ARS $500 and come with medium pint glass, 4 refills, and munchies).

17 – 23:30 hrs. | Bélgica| Av. Pedro Goyena 901 | Caballito

FRI 3/8

Celeb Lunch with Tommy Heinrich

Always wanted to be an adventurer and climb tall things but actually prefer to sit and eat instead? This Friday live through the experiences of adventurer extraordinaire Tommy Heinrich (he climbed Mount Everest and is the only Argentine National Geographic photographer) while you sit and eat in comfort. Join the Swedish Association for a delicious lunch of mushroom and vegetable tarta, meat and potatoes, and dessert while you listen to the tales of good ole Tommy. ARS $ 420 for members, $470 for everyone else. Reservations at

12:30 – 15:00 hrs. | La Asociación Sueca | Azopardo 1428 | San Telmo


SAT 4/8

Gluten Free Fair

Calling all celiacs and general gluten-avoiders, we have a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Roam the stalls of gluten-free goodness at the Feria SIN TAC hosted by BA Gastronomia and stock up on those rice flour substitutes.

10:00 – 18:00 hrs. | Plaza Aristóbulo Del Valle | Cuenca 2500 | Villa Del Parque

Waffle Workshop

The Museo Nacional de Arte Oriental along with Museo Roca and The Creme Lab y Tónica are combining forces to put on a workshop on one of the typical street foods of Hong Kong–the beloved waffle. This free event is the perfect way to end a museum visit with the fam, devouring waffles and enjoying one another’s company.

15:30 – 17:00 hrs. | Museo Roca | Vicente Lopéz 2220 | Recoleta

SUN 5/8

English Tea and Bluegrass Serenade

Check out one of Open Folk’s Home Shows while enjoying some serious tea-drinking good times. This week the Irish folk and Bluegrass band Old Time Sailors play their maritime tunes to the crowd of Sunday afternoon brunchers. Tickets are ARS $250 but don’t include the English treats or drinks.

14:00 – 19:00 hrs. | Address with Ticket Purchase | Palermo