You know, we at La La Lista have day jobs, bands, school, other projects — and quite often we find ourselves needing to limit the number of bands we cover.

BUT NOT THIS WEEK. This week we’re going all in because, well, there were a lot of amazing bands we felt deserved our coverage, and sleep isn’t that important, right? *clenches shaking fist around coffee mug* Right?

Get. Thee. To. These. Shows.


Placard + Lynx

Got that mid-week live music itch? Don’t you worry peaches, we’ve got just thing for you. Alternative rock bands Lynx and Placard will be playing a free show at Centro Cultural Recoleta, in what just might be the best way to split your week in half.

8 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junín 1930


Piscis Machine presenta “Espejismo” en la Tangente 28/6 23:30 hs

The weekend is closer than ever (just like the demise of our civilization!). But the important thing is that synth pop outfit Piscis Machine are presenting their latest LP, ‘Espejismo’, at La Tangente with lots of warm analog vibes and maybe even a sax solo or two (stares wistfully into the distance as Careless Whisper plays).

11:30 PM | La Tangente | Honduras 5317  

Los Fuegos Felices – Supertierra en Casa Colombo

Psychedelic rock combo Los Fuegos Felices (think Jim Morrison singing in a men’s chorus and you’re approx. 40% there) and space rock duo Supertierra will be playing live in an event where there will be no drugs involved (winks effusively).

8 PM | FREE | Casa Colombo | Gallo 557


Luciana Tagliapietra y Las Chicas Nieve

Indie pop singer-songwriter Luciana Tagliapietra returns to porteño stages fresher than ever, with a new band and a new single coming out soon. She’ll also be playing songs off her latest LP, the dance pop fantasy ‘Kawaii’, and some old classics as well.

9:30 PM | FREE |Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249

Agus Yabra/ Mario Nieva/ Los Perros Románticos/ Os Párpados

Friday starts off with an event unfortunately yet accurately described as a ‘Noche de Canciones Masculinas’, featuring a male-only lineup. Singer-songwriter Agus Yabra and Mario Nieva, synth pop project Los Perros Románticos, and indie rock band Os Párpados will be performing at POMO in what promises to be a melodic sausage fest.

9 PM | POMO, Distrito de arte | Pasaje Santa Rosa 5157

Bestia Bebé en Capital

LAPTRA indie rockers Bestia Bebé will be playing live at Uniclub amidst their Gira Destructiva tour, presenting their latest LP, ‘Las Pruebas Destructivas’. They’ll be joined by shoegaze warriors Medalla Milagrosa and mystery band Terrores Nocturnos.

12 AM | AR $200 | Uniclub | Guardia Vieja 3360


Chivo en micasa

Experimental dub project Tildaflipers and post punk outfit Gente Conversando will be playing with Brazilian mystery band Animal Crackers. There will also be a poetry reading by Hernán, and visuals courtesy of Head Honcho.

12 AM | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

SWRV R&B / Hip Hop Party

Get ready to bust your dopest dance moves out, it’s R&B night at La Tangente! Neo soul project Grace & Badlove will deliver a special performance featuring SWRV resident DJs Lautaro Palenque and Trilliam, in an evening packed with the sickest R&B and hip-hop jams in town.

11:30 PM | AR $150 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Ciclo Prisma Electrico Volumen VII

Lovers of psychedelic rock, your prayers have been answered! Ciclo Prisma Eléctrico is back for its 7th edition, with more fuzzy psychedelia than you thought you ever needed. The roster this time features four-piece alternative rock band Acid Caramels, hard rockers Caruso Lombardi Experience, instrumental rock trio Blistonia, and singer-songwriter Marcelo Gonzalez (aka Pensar Jardines).

8 PM | AR $50 | Ambigú | Tte. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón 1829

GATO 107 + Panchito Villa

Gato 107 (Javier Sisti Ripoll) will be playing an uninhibited sset of songs from his parallel projects Ovvol as well as some Faunos classics. He’ll be accompanied by Raquel Luco of Super 1 Mundial on drums and Juana María Muschietti of Boedo on bass. Panchito Villa will be doing the honors of opening the show, along with members of La otra cara de la nada  and Gativideo, presenting songs from his debut album (premiering March 2019).

9pm | FREE | Strummer Bar | Godoy Cruz 1631


Mujercitas Terror en Una Casa/San Telmo

Post punk legends Mujercitas Terror will be performing live at the basement of the super secret Una.Casa in San Telmo, presenting new songs from their upcoming album and some old tunes as well. Finish the month of June with a (goth) cherry on top of your cake.

10 PM | Una.Casa | PM for Address

Marton Marton + La vida en familia en Roseti

Contemplative psychedelic rock project Marton Marton and intimate synth pop duo La vida en familia will be joining forces for the first time to play Roseti on a Saturday night full of introspective landscapes and sexy textures. It’s just the thing to quiet the voices in your head.

9 PM |  | Roseti | Roseti 722  

Festi Mercurio en XIRGÚ

The much-beloved record store Mercurio is throwing its own festival to raise funds to stay open and keep supporting the independent music scene in Buenos Aires. The lineup for this lovely event features indie luminaries such as Bestia Bebé, Barbi Recanati (Utopians), Rosario Bléfari (Suárez, Sué Mon Mont, Los Mundos Posibles), Mi Amigo Invencible, Perotá Chingo, Benito Cerati, Villa Diamante, and much more artists, yet to be confirmed.

9 PM | AR $150 Presale | Xirgu Espacio Untref | CHACABUCO 875

Ciclo Abismal #14 Depuratumba Monga Mati Mielniczuk Epiref

Ciclo Abismal is here with its 14th edition, featuring a lineup of exclusively experimental electronic artists. Come celebrate the passing of yet another meaningless week with live sets by Depuratumba, Cristiano Monga, Mati Mielniczuk, and Epiref.

11 PM | FREE before 1 AM, then AR $80 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Silvva Monotóno 9.99

Tired of watching reruns of Gilmore Girls on TV on a Friday night? As per youzhe, we’ve got you covered. Our latest intel has it that alternative rock trio 9.99, indie rockers Monotóno, and Silvva will all be playing at Liverpool Bar.

8 PM | AR $100 | Liverpool Bar | Arévalo 1376


ANTIcanciones! | Emily And + Ana Granato

Singer-songwriter Emily And (she’s got the pipes y’all) will be сollaborating onstage with actress/playwright Ana Granato for ANTIcanciones, an interdisciplinary concert series combining theatre and music. 

8 PM | Pay what you want | El Quetzal | Guatemala 4516