Hello friends and welcome to another installment of The Setliii– sorry that’s La Lista! Gosh, it’s going to be hard to break out of that habit. They say it takes about two straight weeks of correcting your behavior before you’ve effectively rearranged the neural pathways in your brain, so the good news is we’re almost there.

If you’re one of those folks who is not familiar with what we do (or our former moniker), hi! This is La Lista, your one-stop resource for live show recommendations in the city of Buenos Aires, mostly of the independent (or, at least, independently-minded) variety. Also if you’re new here, welcome! Please stick around. This is home now.

We hope you’re all having a nice and toasty mid-week feriado, because we have a whole heaping serving of live shows to recommend for the week. We’ve got your aggressive punk. We’ve got your swirling, bleepy ear candy. We’ve got your mope-about melancholia. We’ve got your 8-bit nostalgia. We’ve got pretty much everything but ska, but we might have that next week! Ska is making a comeback, y’all.

Check out the playlist on the right to get a taste of the artists featured in this week’s agenda (at least the ones we could find on Spotify). And don’t forget to follow La La Lista on Spotify for our weekly agenda picks, Best Of playlists, and much more.

WED 20-6

Facu Tobogán & Alfonsina at Korova

Facu Tobogán, frontman for the excellent Tobogán Andaluz, performs songs from throughout his career in a stripped-down guitar-and-vocals solo set. Alfonsina makes the trek over from Uruguay to regale us with her peculiar brand of noir-pop, highlighting songs from her new album Pactos.

20 hrs | $50 AR | Multiespacio Korova | Paraguay 4667

Ciclo Feedback: Antuantu, La Viya Real

Or you could also spend your feriado checking out this cool-ass free event. Ciclo Feedback features art exhibits, vintage clothes and open-mic talents as well as performances by psychedelic indie-poppers Antuantu and the chilled-out beats of La viya real.

Event starts at 18 hrs, bands at 23 hrs | Black Club | Humboldt 1580

El Club de los Miercoles

One more option? Sure, why not. Spooky techno artist Anti-Yo, analog loop guru MRS and “lubricated vision perpetuated between two noises” act Old Greenes (Anders Toor) take your Wednesday night to a very weird place at a secret location in Balvanera. 

21 hrs | FREE |  Balvanera – pm for address 


THU 21-6

Pesadilla Records presents: Los Fritos, Doppler, Los Que Viven En Una Cochera

The good people at Pesadilla Records are putting on this event, featuring the snarling garage-rock of Los Fritos, the sharp-edged psychedelia of D O P P L E R, and the brawny punk rock of Los Que Viven En Una Cochera.

21 hrs | POMO Distrito de Arte | Santa Rosa 5157

Ciclo Pila Pila: Hojas Secas & Sol Bassa

Come check out the anthemic rockn’roll of Hojas Secas, as well as the thrilling guitar gymnastics of the great Sol Bassa at what promises to be a night of emphatic gesturing at The Roxy.

20 hrs | $160 AR | The Roxy Live | Niceto Vega 5542

Sodiur XXII: Flor Con Venas, Rilke, Rrayen, Agustín García Santillán

Espacio Cultural Mi Casa continues to be one of the most reliably interesting cultural centers in town. In the new installment of the Sodiur series, the venue hosts Flor con venas, Rilke, Rrayen and Agustín García Santillán.

22 hrs | FREE | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

FRI 22-6

El Club del Rifle + Lagos at Podestá

The plucky and poignant LAGØS will be playing at Podestá in support of powerhouses El Club del Rifle, who seem determined to answer the question “What if The Jesus and Mary Chain were Argentinian?”.

22:30 hrs | FREE | Podestá | Armenia 1740

Festi 2000: Union Sovietica / El Club Audiovisual / Boedo / Fizz

The eighth installment of Festi 2000 rolls around, featuring visual art exhibits as well as performances by post-punkers Unión Soviética whose claustrophobic, paranoid sound will complement nicely with El Club Audiovisual‘s shimmery wistfulness, BOEDØ‘s winning power-chord-and-keyboards combo, and Fizz‘s groove-laden funk-pop stylings.

23 hrs | $100 AR | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Hombre de Otro Plano and AveraFrank at Makena

Hombre de Otro Plano will be taking over the Makena stage to showcase songs from their new album Frívolo, with support from AveraFrank.

Midnight | $150 AR | Makena Club | Fitz Roy 1519

SAT 23-6

Riel and Las Ligas Menores at CCK

The tenacious power-duo Riel plays a show at Centro Cultural Recoleta in support of their excellent new album Paseo Psicodelico. Joining them are the mighty Las Ligas Menores, who will also be showcasing their new release Fuego Artificial.

20 hrs | FREE | Centro Cultural Kirchner | Sarmiento 151

La Cara de Los Ultimos + Siempre Hay Pánico at Clasico Fernandez

The maddeningly hooky, melodic, powerful shoegaze-influenced synthpop of La Cara de los Ultimos is one of our favorite recent discoveries. They’re playing a show at the wonderful Clásico Fernandez along with the groovy, bluesy Fiona Apple-influenced Siempre Hay Pánico.

20 hrs | FREE | Clasico Fernandez | Piedras 1020

Deportivo Aleman, Feria de los Pajaros, Ison Spectra, Chaski-Boom

Or come over to Villa Ortuzar and check out this line-up, which features the peppy post-punk of Deportivo Alemán, old-school rockn’roll of Feria de los Pájaros, the ambrosial bedroom-pop of Ison Spectra, and the loud, abrasive punk sound of the accurately-named  Chaski-Boom.

21 hrs | Otra Historia | Estomba 851

Medalla Milagrosa + Niño Mercurio at Roseti

Or if you feel like swaying lightly from side to side as you contemplate weightlesness, come check out dreamy, ethereal indie rockers Medalla Milagrosa and the at-times-delicate, at-times-devastatingly-loud showgazers Niño Mercurio

21:30 hrs | AR $100 | Roseti | Roseti 722

Noche Alterada Vol.1: Sentidos Alterados, Muchachos de La Secta

Sentidos Alterados present their latest EP, Vibró, which showcases their angular post-punk approach. They’re throwing this party at Mi Casa to celebrate, and have also invited old-school rockn’rollers Los Muchachos de La Secta to join in.

22 hrs | AR $150 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

VaporCrew 95 本のクールなもの

If vaporwave is your thing (and, honestly, why the heck wouldn’t it be?), come check out this event highlighting wavy artists such as Kadabra, Mexican act Hombre Luna, the very glitchy Glitch, and Driver. See how that event title is stylized? A E S T H E T I C S, man.

23 hrs | FREE | Atom | Bolivar 933

If you have a gig coming up, or you know of one, we want to hear about it! Hit us up at team@lalalista.com