Live Music In Buenos Aires | 13.06.2018

Hello there! Welcome to the La La Lista live music agenda, henceforth known as “La Lista.

Every Wednesday we will be publishing a lineup of live music in Buenos Aires, covering the various musical acts we think are most worth seeing in a given week. Mirroring the local scene, our coverage tends to skew more towards indie, electronic, folk, and experimental, but we try to cover as many different genres as possible. As a rule we try to champion lesser-known acts and avoid amiguismo, which is easy because we’re not from here and don’t have wealthy, well-connected  friends.*

Check out the playlist on the right to get a taste of the artists featured in this week’s agenda (at least the ones we could find on Spotify). And don’t forget to follow La La Lista on Spotify for our weekly agenda picks, Best Of playlists, and much more.

*Shout-out to our non-connected, super broke friends.  We love you but also kind of wish you could get us backstage at Personal Fest. Evy really wants to meet Stuart Murdoch.

WED 13-6

Tapones de Punta + La Negra Nieves

In this week’s ‘most likely to not fit on one stage’ category, funk brass band Tapones de Punta and 9-piece soul project La Negra Nieves will be playing two FREE live shows live at Centro Cultural Recoleta.

18 hrs |  FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

THU 14-6

Las Ligas Menores  + Violeta Castillo

Riding high on their winning streak, Las Ligas Menores come back from their Chilean tour to play concert series Pila Pila, along with pop chameleon Violeta Castillo.

20 hrs |AR $160| The Roxy Live | Niceto Vega 5542

FRI 15-6

De incendios + Bad Manu+ Pablo Neptuno

Indie rockers De incendios, lo-fi singer-songwriter Bad Manu, and prolific pop wunderkind Pablo Neptuno will be celebrating their musical friendship by dazzling the audience with a couple of Luismi covers.

20 hrs |AR $100 | Liverpool Bar | Arévalo 1376

El Ultimo subsuelo + tqem + alfredo barrera y los que se odian

Synthy post punk band El Último Subsuelo, experimental outfit Tendrían Que Estar Muertos, and Alfredo Viudez Barrera y los que se odian will be performing live at El Panda Rojo (formally Centro Cultural Dinamo). If you haven’t yet visited the Red Panda, we highly recommend checking out its live-studio-audience-meets-high-school-bleacher aesthetic in person. Just don’t drop your phone under the risers.

22 hrs | Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural | Sarmiento 3096

Cerebrossss Vol. 13 Edición: Vivas

Feminist art collective VIVAS will be performing live for the 13th edition of Cerebrosss, featuring live sets by SOFJA and minicomponente, DJ sets by Candi and ReTumb4, a live VJ set by Vareila, and a sound installation in a bathroom(!) Having frequented both bathrooms in the establishment, we have to admit that we’re both fascinated and horrified by the concept.

23 hrs | AR $100 (Free before midnight) | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787


Auricular + DNT

As part of their Aislamiento total tour 2018, atmospheric indie pop outfit Auricular will be playing a live show at Congo Bar, along with reggae band DNT.

00 hrs | AR $100 | Congo – Buenos Aires | Honduras 5329

Fiesta del CaOs – Vol IV

Fiesta del CaOS is here for its fourth edition, featuring dance troupe SÍNDROME, DJ sets by Mamá Tora Dj  & Felipe Grieben Saubidet, VJ sets by Manel Osmosis, a performance by Blas Khalil Aguiar, plus hair cuts, massages, tarot cards, and much more.

00 hrs | AR $100-200 | Otra Historia Club Cultural | ESTOMBA 851

SAT 16-6

Césped festeja 10 Años en La Tangente!

Psychedelic five-piece Césped celebrate their 10 years as a band and the first anniversary of ‘El Destierro’ by throwing a party at La Tangente.  In addition to the live music, there will also be a live DJ set so you can dance off the weight of an entire decade and then feel weird about it on the bus home.

11:30 PM | AR $150 Presale | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Ciclo Fantasía Peligro #1: Medalla Milagrosa + Super 1 Mundial + Ex-Colorado

The fabulous Medalla Milagrosa will be playing the first of the three shows presenting their excellent debut LP, the shoegazey “Fantasía Peligro”, at our much beloved Espacio Cultural Mi Casa, joined by krautfriends Super 1 Mundial and Ex-Colorado.

23 hrs | AR $100 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Cclo Intromisión IX

Lo-fi indie rocker Coper, Suitvist, Romanceras, ambient experimental project Pez Nómade, and electronic artist Academia de Juguetes will be all performing live for the ninth edition of Ciclo Intromisión.

21 hrs | | PM for address

SUN 17-6

Jazmín Esquivel / Rosalba Menna / Alfosina (UY) en Roseti

Singer-songwriters Jazmín Esquivel, Rosalba Menna, and Alfonsina (UY) will be performing live at Roseti for a girl-powered triple feature that makes our hearts sing.

21 hrs | AR $ ??? | Roseti | Roseti 722

Tobogán Andaluz en Cap.Fed | Gratis (ATP)

Indie rockers Tobogán Andaluz celebrate the  inauguration of Festival Clave 2018 in Centro Cultural Recoleta with They’ll be joined by Mery Granados, Bola de Espejos, and De Alguien Nadie in what the event organizers call ‘an evening to celebrate teenage culture’ (lol).

16 hrs |  FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

DILDA ☆ Paula Maffia ☆ Ana Carolina ☆ La Piba Berreta

Everyone’s favorite feminist concert series is back, this time with performances by singer-songwriter Paula Maffia (of Las Taradas fame), Los Rusos HDP’s La Piba Berreta, and comedian Ana Carolina.

21 hrs | AR $150 ($100 before 22hrs) | Ladran Sancho | Guardia Vieja 3811

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