Throughout the 70s, Argentine rock underwent a turbulent adolescence amid political unrest and ruthless censorship. Relive the angst, the haze, and the jams with our mix of prog rock and protest songs. 

  1. Vox Dei – ‘Genesis’

‘When everything was nothing, nothing was the beginning’ sings Ricardo Soulé at the beginning of this excellent psychedelic track based on the Book of Genesis, a stunning opener for the legendary LP ‘La Biblia’.

  1. Sui Generis – ‘Pequeñas Delicias De La Vida Conyugal’

The legendary folk duo and one of their first experiments in prog rock with a full band format

  1. Invisible – ‘Ruido De Magia’

A track with stunning guitar work and enough oomph to end up in A Tribe Called Quest’s last album

  1. La Máquina De Hacer Pájaros – ‘Qué Se Puede Hacer Salvo Ver Películas?’

A cryptic protest song towards the oppressive political climate of the time that rocks back and forth effortlessly between easy listening and prog rock

  1. Crucis – ‘Los Delirios del Mariscal’

Ten minutes of pure prog rock bliss by Argentina’s finest prog rock band, the short-lived Crucis

  1. Serú Girán – ‘La Grasa De Las Capitales’

A proggy candombe that aims straight for the jugular of mediocre, vapid city lifestyles  

  1. Almendra – ‘A Estos Hombres Tristes’

Beautifully executed jazzy rock tune with El Flaco’s irresistible vocal melody in the center of it all

  1. Aquelarre – ‘Aventura En El Árbol

A bluesy 9 minute epic featuring vocal harmonies a la CSN and stellar guitar solos

  1. Pescado Rabioso – ‘Cantata de Puentes Amarillos’

Featuring just Spinetta and his guitar, this song is the cornerstone of 70s Argentine rock and possibly of all time

  1. Manal – ‘Casa Con Diez Pinos’

A classic blues rock jam that perfectly captures the angst of the average city dweller

  1. Litto Nebbia – ‘El Revólver Es Un Hombre Legal’

Behind the groovy Wurlitzer and the great brass arrangements, Nebbia takes a jab at the naturalized violence that plagued Argentina in the 1970s.